Z-drugs Policy

10th April 2019

Non-benzodiazepine hypnotics (also known as z-drugs) are used to treat severe insomnia which hasn’t improved with lifestyle changes. Z-drugs can be addictive, so it’s important that they are used correctly. For this reason, we have put the following guidelines in place.

  1. We can only prescribe z-drugs to patients who are able to prove that other methods of treating their insomnia have not worked.
  2. We will only prescribe one kind of z-drug at a time.
  3. Since z-drugs are only used to treat very severe cases of insomnia, you will need to be able to provide us with information about your condition. This includes when you have successfully taken z-drugs in the past to treat your insomnia. If you cannot do this, we will be unable to issue a prescription. There will be no exceptions to this rule. This is due to the high risk of taking this type of medication
  4. You will be required to provide your GP details if you are ordering a z-drug and you will need to visit your GP after taking treatment for a follow-up. Treatment should not continue for longer than 2 weeks. If you are still experiencing insomnia symptoms after taking treatment we recommend visiting your GP, We will not supply any further z-drug medication after 6 months.
  5. You should stop taking your medication if you suffer any of the side effects listed in the patient information leaflet. If you have suffered side effects when taking z-drugs previously, we will be unable to prescribe them again.
  6. A maximum supply of 14 days supply will be provided over a 28-day period as hypnotic medicines should only be used for short spells. Our software is designed to disallow duplicate accounts. You agree to use this service responsibly.
  7. For your own safety, you should not order z-drugs from other pharmacies if you have already ordered with Instant eCare. If we are aware of this happening, we will cancel your order and may refuse future orders from your account.
  8. The name on the payment card must match the name the order is placed under.
  9. We will need to verify your ID before we can dispatch your order. Acceptable forms of ID are:
    • A valid passport OR
    • A driving license (or provisional license) OR
    • ID card

      The billing address and delivery address must be the same. The only exception to this rule would be a work address as the delivery address. In this case, you will be required to email us from a valid work email.

      Multiple orders for different people living at the same address will not be accepted.