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Victim Support Help Page

If you are a victim of sexual abuse/exploitation, domestic violence, rape, or emotional abuse then it’s important to know that there is help available.

We here at Instant eCare support a number of charities that work with victims to help them through their journey to recovery.

We’ve come up with some things to remember if you are a victim, along with support lines to contact for further support:

1. Don’t suffer in silence. You are NOT burdening anyone by speaking out.
2. Help is available 24/7.
3.There are thousands of people others out there, just like yourself.
4. Be mindful of emotional abuse and recognise the signs. These may include intimidation, criticism, undermining, being made to feel guilty, economic abuse, or telling you what you can and can’t do.
5. If you are uncomfortable talking to a stranger/charity then tell a friend/relative/someone that you can trust. Vice versa, contact a charity support page if you don’t feel comfortable speaking to someone you know.
6. Contact any one of the victim support groups below to get effective, safe, trustworthy advice and support.

Rape victims:
Rape Crisis 
Foreign and Commonwealth Office – rape and sexual assault abroad 
Women Against Rape 
Survivors UK – Male rape and sexual abuse 
Broken Rainbow – LGBT domestic charity

Domestic Abuse victims:
National Domestic Violence – (24/7 helpline)
Women’s Aid Federation 
Safe Lives 

Emotional abuse victims:

Sexual exploitation victims:
Beyond The Streets

If you need any further information regarding any of the points raised, if you have any questions or would like someone to talk to, you can contact us at

Stay safe and remember that you are not alone.