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Rise of Digital Healthcare

20 Apr 2015

As part of the new wave of healthcare services shifting online; Instant e-Care announces the launch of a fully regulated Online Doctor & Pharmacy service.

Instant e-Care is where patients turn to for simple, fast and convenient prescription treatments without any of the usual hassle. It is an express Doctor & Pharmacy service developed on the ethos that patient needs should come before anything else.


On Demand & Online — Your New Doctor & Pharmacy Service

14 Apr 2015

Imagine your prescription delivered to you, at home or the office. All without the need to book an appointment, having to see a doctor face-to-face or waiting in line at a local clinic or pharmacy. Sounds great doesn't it?

Women in the City

The "Magic" Behind Diet Pills Isn't So Magical

14 Apr 2015

Everyone is on the lookout for that "magic pill" that can change how we look with a quick sip of water. Ads want us to believe that not only does it exist, but it exists naturally. But that's just not true.

The Today Writer

Period Delay for a Better Day

07 Apr 2015

To put it plainly, periods suck. For us women, Mother Nature hasn't always been the most forgiving. Yes, there are times when we're desperately waiting to see if our menstrual cycle will begin. Like, for instance, if we're waiting to see whether or not this will be the first month of nine with the possibility of baby development. And if not, we get to say adios baby fears – maybe I'll see you later.

The Today Writer

Instant e–Care Takes the Fright Out of the Morning After Pill

02 Apr 2015

Accidents happen – especially in the moments you least expect it. Like say, in the middle of some sexual mischievousness? Despite what movies try hard to sell you, sex isn't simple. Sometimes accidents just happen. But we're lucky when someone – or in this case, something – can appear and ease our worried minds. And getting the morning after pill will do just that.

The Today Writer