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We care about our patients

Patient Protection Manifesto

Our manifesto describes how we ensure our patients' safety when ordering high-risk products, read more here.

Opioid Policy

Ordering opioids? Find more about the limitations here.

Privacy Policy

Read more about how we respect your privacy by reading our policy, here.

Z-Drugs Policy

All the information you need when ordering z-drugs for insomnia, here.


Want to learn more about what GDPR is? Read here. For all information regarding the protection of your data and how we adhere to GDPR, read here.

Terms & Conditions

Read our full terms and conditions, here.

Addiction support

Are you, or do you know someone who is, currently battling addiction? We have the support you need, here.

Victim support

Do you know someone who is, a victim of rape, domestic abuse, emotional abuse, or sexual exploitation? We have the support you need, here

Birth control support

Not sure which path to go down in terms of birth control? Explore the different methods of birth control here.

Mental health support

We have a range of resources available to help benefit your mental health, here.