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Our Pharmacists and Prescribers

We have several pharmacists and prescribers working with us at Instant eCare. All are fully licensed and regulated by the GPhC and they all have extensive experience working in the field of pharmacy as pharmacists and independent prescribers.

Mahmuda Khatun (Superintendent)

Mahmuda Khatun (GPhC Registration 2074086) is our co-founder and Superintendent Pharmacist. She graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a Masters’ in Pharmacy and since then has worked as a community and locum pharmacist before starting Instant eCare in 2014. When not working, Mahmuda enjoys spending time with family and reading.

Mohammed Rashed

Mohammed Rashed (GPhC Registration 2079936) is one of our independent prescribers. Mohammed is based in Huddersfield, and has been prescribing remotely for Instant eCare since 2019. He graduated from Liverpool John Moores University and Medway School of Pharmacy, and has worked within the NHS for hospitals and for extended hours and GP surgery services since then. Mohammed also obtained the AstraZeneca award for a chemical investigation and presentation. When not prescribing, Mohammed is a regular football and badminton player.

Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan (GPhC Registration 2049981) is our pharmacy business development manager. While still a registered pharmacist, Sarah is responsible for helping grow Instant eCare through seeking out new business development opportunities. Sarah graduated from Cardiff University with a BPharm degree, and has been working as a pharmacy manager and business development manager within the pharmaceutical industry since then. When not in the office, Sarah enjoys running, cycling, and exploring the outdoors with her dog.

Faiza Kennedy

Faiza Kennedy (GPhC Registration 2043007) is our clinical pharmacist. She is responsible for the day-to-day running of our pharmacy, along with overseeing dispensing of medication and contacting patients in relation to their orders. Faiza graduated from the University of Wales, Cardiff, and has been working in pharmacy business development and community pharmacy since then. When not in the office, Faiza enjoys spending time with her family.

Should you have any more questions about our pharmacists or our business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via live chat or emailing