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Chlamydia is a common sexually transmitted infections (STI) in the UK.

Take TWO tablets as a single dose.

Common side effects includes Nausea and Abdominal discomfort.

Chlamydia Infection and Treatment

What is Chlamydia Infection?

Chlamydia is a bacterial infection which affects both men and women and is spread via sexual intercourse or contact with genital fluids that are infected with the bacteria (semen or vaginal fluid).

Chlamydia often has no symptoms which means it can go undetected. If you have had unprotected sexual intercourse or changed sexual partners since the last time you had a sexual health checkup, then we highly recommend you have a chlamydia test as soon as possible.

To find out more about gender specific chlamydia symptoms you can visit either Chlamydia Symptoms in Men or Chlamydia Symptoms in Women.

How to treat Chlamydia?

Chlamydia is treated with a single dose of antibiotics called Azithromycin tablets. Chlamydia treatment requires antibiotics, the most commonly prescribed antibiotics for Chlamydia is Azithromycin (Zithromax) tablets although it can also be treated with Doxycycline Capsules. Azithromycin tablets (Zithromax) is the usual choice for a patient.

What is Azithromycin and how does it work?

Azithromycin is an antibiotic that fights bacteria by disabling them. Azithromycin works by preventing the Chlamydia infection from spreading by stopping the Chlamydia bacteria from producing proteins that are essential to their growth and reproduction. Without these proteins the Chlamydia bacteria cannot grow, replicate or increase in numbers and eventually die.

How to take Azithromycin tablets?

Take TWO Azithromycin 500mg tablets as a single dose.

Azithromycin tablets are taken whole with a glass of water. When taking Azithromycin for treating Chlamydia you need to take 1g of Azithromycin. Here at Instant e-Care you can buy Azithromycin antibiotics online, our pharmacy supplies Azithromycin 500mg tablets so you have to take two as a single dose (one after the other) with a glass of water.

Special instructions for taking Azithromycin tablets

It is important that treatment for chlamydia should be started without delay to prevent future complications such as infertility.

If you have Chlamydia, it is important that your current sexual partner and any other recent sexual partners are also tested and treated. Sexual partners within the previous six months should also be notified so they can get tested and treated for infection. This is to prevent re-infection to yourself and the spread of the disease

Side effects of Chlamydia treatment

Like all medicines, Azithromycin can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them and the effects are usually mild to moderate and of a short duration.

Common side effects of chlamydia treatment include:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Abdominal pain/discomfort
  • Nausea

Patient information leaflet

We strongly advise that you carefully read the Patient Information Leaflet before you take this treatment.

Click here for the Chlamydia Patient Information Leaflet.

How effective is Chlamydia treatment?

Chlamydia treatment is very effective, chlamydia antibiotics such as Azithromycin tablets cures 98% of chlamydia infections.

How long does it take for Chlamydia medication to work?

The length of time it takes for Chlamydia medication to work is usually 7 days. If you take Azithromycin tablets as a single dose you are advised to abstain from sexual activity for 7 days to prevent spread of infection or reinfection. All Chlamydia symptoms should have cleared 7 days after you take Azithromycin.

Can you drink alcohol whilst taking chlamydia treatment?

You can drink alcohol whilst taking Chlamydia antibiotics, Azithromycin tablets. Alcohol does not affect how Azithromycin works.

How long do chlamydia symptoms last after treatment?

Symptoms of chlamydia usually clear up within 7 days of treatment, in some cases it may take up to 10 days. During this period you are advised not to have sexual intercourse, but if you do then to use protection. Unprotected oral sex can also spread sexually transmitted diseases such as Chlamydia.

Can you have sex after Chlamydia treatment?

You should not have sex for at least one week after you have finished your antibiotic treatment. This allows the antibiotics to kill off all the bacteria and reduces the chances of you infecting your sexual partner with Chlamydia, or getting reinfected yourself.

Is Chlamydia the same as Gonorrhea?

Chlamydia is not the same as Gonorrhea. Chlamydia infection is caused by a different bacteria to Gonorrhea. If you have Gonorrhea you usually have Chlamydia too. That’s why we include Chlamydia treatment with our Gonorrhea treatment for free. The Gonorrhea treatment contains Azithromycin tablets and Cefixime tablets.

Does my partner need to be treated?

Yes. Your partner must also be treated this is because Chlamydia is highly infectious and can be transmitted via bodily fluids from oral sex, anal and vaginal penetration. If you have been tested positive for Chlamydia, even if your partner does not have any symptoms of Chlamydia they also need to be treated to prevent spread of infection or reinfection to yourself and others.

Your partner must place the order for chlamydia treatment themselves, this is to ensure that the treatment is safe and effective for them. Please do not order two treatments as under the same name as the second order will be rejected automatically. Antibiotics need to be carefully monitored to ensure that they are not over prescribed and taken safely.

Can you buy Chlamydia treatment over the counter (OTC)?

You cannot buy Chlamydia treatment or Chlamydia antibiotics or any kind of Chlamydia medication over the counter at a normal high street pharmacy. Effective Chlamydia treatment involves antibiotics that you need a prescription for and your local high street pharmacy cannot prescribe these to you.

However you can order Chlamydia treatment online, here at Instant e-Care Online Pharmacy, by simply selecting the Chlamydia antibiotics you want to buy and completing the free online medical assessment, which is then reviewed by our prescriber and you are given a free prescription for the Chlamydia treatment.

Can you buy Chlamydia treatment online?

Yes you can buy Chlamydia treatment online from a registered pharmacy. Buying Azithromycin online saves you time and embarrassment, it is a popular treatment that is bought online as the service is private and discreet with plain packaging - so no one will know what you have ordered.

You should always ensure the Chlamydia medication you are buying online is from a genuine pharmacy. You can check if a pharmacy website is registered in the UK by visiting the GPhC website. You can click here to verify that Instant e-Care is a genuine online pharmacy.

Is it safe to buy Chlamydia medication online?

It is safe to buy chlamydia medication online if the website you are buying from is a genuine pharmacy. You can safely buy antibiotics online for Chlamydia by ensuring that the website is a legally operating online pharmacy website. Always check on the GPhC website and look for the pharmacy logo when buying antibiotics online. You can find out more about Instant e-Care on our about us page and verify that we are a genuine online pharmacy by clicking on the green pharmacy logo.

If the website you are buying from does not have the pharmacist's name, registration number and pharmacy logo and registration number then you should NOT buy from that website as it is probably not a genuine pharmacy.

You should always be careful when buying Chlamydia medication or Chlamydia treatment online, because some rogue pharmacies will sell counterfeit medication that may cause serious damage to your health.

Is this a genuine Chlamydia medication?

We use the same suppliers as Boots and Superdrug. Our Medication is 100% genuine and we are regulated by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) and the Medicines & Healthcare products regulatory agency ( MHRA). So you can be assured that we are a genuine online pharmacy and our Chlamydia treatment is genuine.

When will my treatment be delivered?

You can have your order the very next day if you order before 4pm via our Special Delivery option. which is delivered by Royal Mail and will arrive by 1pm. You must be present at the delivery address to sign for your Chlamydia treatment.

We also have 1st Class delivery, which means your treatment may take 1 to 2 working days to deliver. Alternatively you can choose FREE 2nd class delivery. All deliveries must be signed for. So if you miss the delivery, Royal mail will leave you a “whilst you were away” card for you to pick up your delivery or re-arrange delivery.

Will anyone know that I have ordered Chlamydia treatment?

Our service is private and discreet, all packages sent are plain with no reference to Instant e-Care or the Chlamydia treatment. So no one will know or be able to tell what is inside your package.