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Period Delay

What is period delaying?

Period delaying is the process of postponing the start of your period. This can be done if your period is scheduled to come at an inconvenient time. Period delaying involves taking the synthetic hormone norethisterone. This stops your period from coming on time. You can use norethisterone to delay your period for up to 17 days. It is important to note that delaying your period will often result in a shift in menstrual cycle for subsequent periods. Period delay medication is available online here. 

How can you delay your period?

You can stop your period from occurring on a certain date by taking norethisterone tablets. Norethisterone tablets are a cheap and safe way to delay the onset of menses. Norethisterone is a synthetic version of the female hormone progesterone and can delay your period for up to 17 days. This can provide relief for women who worry about getting their period at an inconvenient time such as on holiday or during an important event.

Why might someone want to delay their period?

There are many reasons to take period delay medication including holidays and special events. Some might even choose to delay their period at a time of increased stress or tension such as during exam periods. Norethisterone is a safe way to delay the onset of your period, making holidays and special events hassle-free.

Where can I get period delay medication?

You can buy norethisterone tablets online here from a trusted and affordable UK pharmacy. There are next day and free delivery options available.


Are there any consequences / side effects of delaying your period?

There are side effects that come with delaying your period. Typically, these include a disrupted menstrual cycle. This occurs because you are postponing the start of your cycle, thus interrupting your monthly schedule. This will not only delay your current period, but will often shift the starting date of any subsequent periods as well. However, not everyone experiences this shift in period cycle.