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Dianette (Co-Cyprindiol)

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Dianette is a combined oral contraceptive pill. It is used to prevent pregnancy, and it works by stopping ovulation and making it difficult for sperm to reach an egg. When taken correctly it is around 99% effective.
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What is Dianette (Co-cyprindiol)?

Dianette is the branded version of this contraceptive pill and Co-cyprindiol is the generic version.

Dianette and Co-cyprindiol work both as combined contraceptive pills and as a treatment for women with bad acne, very oily skin or excessive facial hair. Both contain the same active ingredients: ethinylestradiol and cyproterone acetate.

Only women with bad acne, excessive facial hair or very oily skin should use this method of oral contraception.

Neither of these pills should be taken long-term, and you should stop using this pill when your acne, oily skin or facial hair has cleared up.

How does Dianette (Co-cyprindiol) work?

Dianette and Co-Cyprindiol are combined oral contraceptive pills, which contain both oestrogen and an anti-androgen.

Cyproterone acetate is an anti-androgen, meaning it reduces the number of androgens produced by your skin. Androgens are hormones that control hair growth and the amount of oil produced by the glands in the skin.

As a contraceptive pill, Dianette is over 99% effective at preventing pregnancy when taken correctly. Unlike barrier methods of contraception such as condoms, Dianette and Co-cyprindiol don’t protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

How do you take Dianette (Co-cyprindiol)?

You must take Dianette and Co-cyprindiol as directed by your doctor or pharmacist for the contraceptive effects to work as well as possible.

Take one Co-cyprindiol or Dianette pill at the same time every day for 21 days. You will then have 7 days where you don’t take a pill before you start a new strip of pills.

You can find more information on taking Dianette / Co-cyprindiol in the patient information leaflets, including what to do if you are unwell or miss a pill.

How effective is Dianette (Co-cyprindiol)?

Dianette and Co-cyprindiol are clinically proven oral contraceptive pills, but it’s important that they are taken correctly to effectively prevent pregnancy..

Sickness or diarrhoea can affect how well the hormones from Dianette / Co-cyprindiol contraceptive pills are absorbed. To ensure you are still protected from pregnancy, if you have diarrhoea or are sick it’s important to follow the steps in the patient information leaflets: Dianette and Co-cyprindiol.

What are the main side effects of Dianette (Co-cyprindiol)?

Like all medicines, both Dianette and Co-cyprindiol can cause side effects, although not everyone will experience them. The most common side effects of these contraceptive pills are:

  1. Nausea
  2. Headaches
  3. Stomach aches

One of the side effects of taking contraceptive pills is an increased chance of developing a blood clot. For more information on this and for a full list of Co-cyprindiol and Dianette side effects, please see the patient information leaflets: Dianette and Co cyprindiol.

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