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Insomnia Treatment

Insomnia Treatment

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About Sleeping tablets

What is insomnia treatment?

Insomnia treatment is a group of drugs called non-benzodiazepines, and they are otherwise known as Z-drugs. They are also known as hypnotics.
Sleeping tablets are used to treat problems with sleep for a very short period of time. They should only be used for a few days due to the possible severe side effects and risk of dependency.

Because of the risks of dependency if this medication isn’t taken in the appropriate manner, we follow a strict prescribing policy. Read our Z-drug policy.

How does insomnia treatment work?

Sleeping pills slow down the functions of your body and brain. This means you breathe more slowly, your heart beats at a decreased pace and you don’t think as quickly.

Sleeping tablets can be helpful for managing severe cases of insomnia where other methods of tackling sleep issues haven’t worked. The medication can help you get back into a good sleep routine, but you shouldn’t rely on it to help you sleep every night. 

The longer you take sleeping pills, the less likely they are to work. This is because your body builds up a tolerance to the medication. This is one of the reasons that a short course of this treatment is recommended.

Is taking insomnia treatment safe?

Insomnia treatment is safe to take as long as you follow the advice of your doctor. They should only be taken for a few days if you have very bad insomnia that hasn’t been solved by other treatments or self care methods. 

There are some serious side effects associated with sleeping tablets. There is also a risk that you might become dependent on them. 

Because of the addictive nature of this medicine, we follow a strict policy when prescribing it. This is very important when buying sleeping pills online. Read our Z-drug policy.

Can I buy insomnia treatment online?

You can buy insomnia treatment online at Instant eCare. After selecting the medication you require, you will work through the online assessment questions so our prescribers can check that the medication is appropriate for your needs. If it is, you will be issued with a free prescription, and your order will be delivered to your door. For your own safety, you will be required to provide ID when you place your order.

You should also be aware that there is a limit on the amount of sleeping pills you can order and how frequently you can place orders for this kind of medication. Refer to our Z-drug policy for more information.