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Ultraproct Suppositories and Ointment

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Ultraproct is used to treat haemorrhoids. Haemorrhoids are also known as piles, and are swellings containing enlarged blood vessels found inside or around the rectum or anus. Ultraproct works to reduce the swelling and irritation caused by haemorrhoids.
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What are Ultraproct suppositories and ointment?

Ultraproct suppositories and ointment are used in the short-term treatment of hemorrhoids (piles). Whilst the suppositories are for internal use only, the ointment can be used both internally and externally.

How does Ultraproct work?

Ultraproct relieves piles symptoms including swelling, inflammation, soreness and an itchy anus. It contains fluocortolone, which is one of a group of medicines called corticosteroids. This relieves inflammation and itching. Another of the active ingredients is cinchocaine, which is a local anaesthetic and provides pain relief.

How do you take Ultraproct suppositories and ointment?

Always use Ultraproct as directed by your doctor or pharmacist and for no longer than 7 days. Always wash your hands before and after applying Ultraproct.

Ultraproct ointment should be applied twice a day, although it can be used up to 4 times on the first day of treatment if necessary.

To use Ultraproct ointment:

  1. Gently wash and dry the anus and the skin around it.
  2. To use around the anus, squeeze a pea-sized quantity onto your finger and spread over the skin without rubbing in.
  3. For use inside the anus, put the applicator nozzle onto the tube and squeeze the tube to fill the nozzle. The amount of ointment in the nozzle is one dose. Gently insert the nozzle into the anus, then squeeze the tube gently whilst slowly removing it from the anus. Wash the nozzle well.

The dose for the suppositories is one per day, ideally after going to the toilet. If your piles symptoms are very bad, you can use up to 3 suppositories on the first day of treatment.

To use an Ultraproct suppository:

  1. Remove the suppository from the foil packet.
  2. Insert the suppository fully into the anus. This can be made easier by squatting or standing with one leg raised.

How effective are Ultraproct suppositories and ointment?

Ultraproct suppositories and ointment are clinically proven hemorrhoid treatments. As well as using the ointment and suppositories, there are a few changes you can make to your daily life that can ease symptoms and prevent recurrences:

  1. Avoid straining when you go to the toilet
  2. Drink plenty of water, particularly if you are constipated
  3. Increase the amount of fibre in your diet

What are the main side effects of Ultraproct suppositories and ointment?

Like all medicines, Ultraproct can cause side effects, although not everyone will experience them. The most common side effect of Ultraproct suppositories and ointments is a thinning of the skin if it is used long term. Allergic skin reactions can also occur but are rare.

For a list of further side effects, please see the patient information leaflet.

More Information
Dosage Instructions Apply TWICE daily for 5–7 days, apply 3–4 times a day if required, on the first day of treatment, then apply ONCE daily for a few days after symptoms have cleared.