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New UK CBD Survey Data Revealed

Instant eCare recently commissioned a survey on CBD usage in the UK. Since CBD oil and other cannabidiol products were legalised in the UK in 2018, many different products have entered the market, including oil, capsules, vape oil and gel tabs. CBD products are currently sold as a food supplement, until more in-depth research can be done on the medical benefits that CBD may have. However, many people have already anecdotally reported that CBD products have a positive impact on numerous areas of their physical and mental wellbeing. We wanted to see how and why people are using CBD products in the UK now.

In May 2019, we surveyed 300 people across the UK who already take some form of CBD product to find out how and why they take it, and to learn about the benefits (if any) they have experienced when using CBD supplements. A summary of the main findings can be found below:

NB: If you use any of the data from this research, please credit Instant eCare and hyperlink to this page.

Key Findings of the UK CBD Survey

How long they have been taking CBD products:

Less than 6 months 43.3%
6 - 12 months 30.3%
1+ years 15.7%
Less than one month 10.7%

The ways in which our survey respondents prefer to administer CBD products:

Add to food or drink 24.7%
Vaping 23.3%
Pills or capsules 21.0%
Oil under tongue 16.3%
Topical - creams or skincare 14.3%
Other 0.3%

How often they use CBD products:

More than once daily 31.7%
Once daily 27.0%
Weekly 22.7%
Less than monthly 11.7%
Monthly 7.0%

The conditions they take CBD products in relation to (selecting all that applied):

Anxiety 42.0%
Depression 36.3%
Insomnia or other sleep-related conditions 21.0%
Asthma or allergies 12.0%
Chronic pain 20.3%
Migraines or headaches 12.0%
Other 3.0%

For those taking CBD products for stress-related reasons, they feel that the primary causes of their stress are:

Finances 17.3%
Work 16.3%
Physical health 16.0%
Relationships 15.0%
Family 12.3%
Social pressure 3.7%
Other 1.3%

When asked how likely they would be to recommend CBD products to their family, friends or colleagues, they responded:

Somewhat likely 49.3%
Very likely 39.7%
Not very likely 9.0%
Not likely at all 2.0%

Would they be comfortable telling their doctor about their use of CBD products?

Yes, I would feel comfortable telling my doctor 58.0%
Yes, I have already told my doctor 24.7%
No, I don't feel comfortable sharing my use of CBD oil with my doctor 17.3%

Would they consider stopping prescription medicines in favour of using CBD products?

Maybe 36.0%
Yes 31.7%
No 26.0%
I already have 3.3%
N/A 3.0%

How long they expect that they will continue to take CBD products:

6 - 12 months 22.7%
6 months 22.3%
Don't know 20.3%
1 - 3 years 10.0%
Less than one month 9.0%
6 years + 8.7%
3 - 6 years 7.0%

Key UK CBD Survey Findings Split by Gender

The survey respondents are 51% male and 49% female.

Administering CBD Products

  • The most popular way for women to take CBD is to add it to food or drink (29.9%), whilst the most popular way for men is to take CBD in either pill or capsule form (28.1%)
  • Women are more likely to take CBD products more than once a day (36.7%) when compared to men (26.8%)
  • Women are more likely to have started using CBD products within the last 6-months (67%) than men (41.2%)
  • Men are much more likely to have been taking CBD in some form for at least 6-months (58%) when compared to women (32.7%).

Reasons for Taking CBD Products

The most common reasons that the respondents take CBD products are:

Condition Male Female
Anxiety 47.7% 36.1%
Depression 34.6% 38.1%
Insomnia or other sleep-related conditions 20.9% 21.1%
Asthma or allergies 11.1% 12.9%
Chronic pain 25.5% 15.0%
Migraines or headaches 14.4% 9.5%
Other 2.6% 3.4%

The primary causes of stress, for which they take CBD products, are perceived to be:

Perceived cause of stress Male Female
Work 22.2% 10.2%
Relationships 14.4% 15.6%
Finances 13.7% 21.1%
Family 10.5% 14.3%
Physical health 17.6% 14.3%
Social pressure 5.2% 2.0%
Not using it for stress - medical issues only 5.9% 8.2%
Other 1.3% 1.4%
N/A to me 9.2% 12.9%

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