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How to Prepare for the Upcoming Flu Season

Australia has experienced its worst flu season on record, with more than two and half times more cases than usual. This means the UK can expect its worst flu season since the pandemic in 2009. Australia and New Zealand’s flu season is a strong indicator of what’s to come in the UK.

The NHS is bracing itself for an influx of patients. Last winter, they experienced some of the longest recorded waiting times. The NHS is warning that this year’s predicted flu season means hospital and GP waiting times will be even longer.

Try your best to stay healthy this winter. Here are some tips for preventing and preparing for the flu to make sure you don't end up in the waiting room.

Preparing for the flu season:  

check list  Get a flu vaccination

check listStock up on flu medication

check list  Drink lots of liquid

check list  Disinfect things you often use or touch, like your mobile phone

check list  Stock up on disinfectant & antibacterial soaps

Preventing the flu:  

 bullet    Avoid contact with infected people

 bullet    Take flu medication if you've been exposed to an infected person

 bullet    Wash your hands regularly, especially before eating

 bullet    Avoid touching your face, specifically your eyes, nose or mouth

 bullet    Stay hydrated, drink lots of liquid

You can order flu medication online.