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Chlamydia Symptoms in Women

Symptoms of chlamydia in women include:

  • Pain when urinating (peeing)

  • A change in vaginal discharge

  • Pain in the lower abdomen

  • Pain and/or bleeding during sex

  • Bleeding after sex

  • Bleeding between periods

  • Heavier periods than usual

  • Fever

Approximately 70 to 80% of women who have Chlamydia don’t have any symptoms at all.

You should get tested if you are experiencing chlamydia symptoms and think you may be at risk of an STI (e.g you recently had unprotected sex).

We recommend testing for sexually transmitted infections (STI) at least once a year.

How do I get chlamydia?

Chlamydia is spread through sexual activity, whether that is vaginal, anal or oral sex. Chlamydia is transmitted via bodily fluids. If you have had unprotected sex, it is advised that you have a sexual health check at least once a year.

What happens if chlamydia is left untreated in women?

If Chlamydia is left untreated in women it can be cause infertility and in rare cases chlamydia infection can be fatal to the carrier.

Chlamydia can cause pregnancy complications in women causing birth defects or early miscarriage. The chances of having a premature or stillborn baby are increased if you have chlamydia during pregnancy.

The long term complications of Chlamydia in women includes infertility, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), and ectopic pregnancies (complicated pregnancies that can lead to miscarriages).

Chlamydia should not be left untreated. Chlamydia antibiotics are a single dose of azithromycin tablets which cures chlamydia infections. Chlamydia antibiotics are available to buy online, privately and discreetly without needing to see a doctor.

Chlamydia treatment for women

Azithromycin tablets can cure symptoms of chlamydia in women. Treating chlamydia has never been easier, with our free online consultation and free prescription you can avoid any embarrassing visits to your GP and be treated confidentially. All treatments come in plain packaging without any reference to the pharmacy or treatment.

Can your body heal itself from Chlamydia?

Your body cannot heal itself from chlamydia without antibiotics. We are not immune to the chlamydia bacteria, which means we need chlamydia antibiotics to get rid of chlamydia symptoms and infection. You can order chlamydia treatment online, from our online pharmacy. Cure yourself of chlamydia with antibiotics proven to get rid of chlamydia.

Pregnancy and chlamydia

Chlamydia in pregnancy is not an ideal situation, yet it does happen. If you test positive for chlamydia while pregnant, don’t panic. The best thing to do is to talk to your doctor and get treated as soon as possible. There are some antibiotics that are suitable for you to take in pregnancy, including Azithromycin tablets.

Can you have a miscarriage if you have chlamydia?

Having chlamydia during pregnancy can increase your chances of having a miscarriage. However, the chances can be reduced if you treat chlamydia with antibiotics as soon as possible.

Can chlamydia cause birth defects?

Chlamydia in pregnancy is linked to more infections in the amniotic sac and can cause serious harm to unborn babies. They can suffer from a wide array of health complications including Conjunctivitis, Pneumonia, Pharyngitis, or Otitis media. As affected mothers will have affected babies. Chlamydia can also cause low birth weight in babies and can even result in stillborns.

It is important to get treated as soon as possible to keep you and your baby safe. Speak to your doctor because there are antibiotics such as azithromycin that pregnant women can take. Your doctor will tell you which antibiotics are the safest and best for you to take.

How does chlamydia affect fertility in women?

Chlamydia can cause a woman to become infertile. Chlamydia infection can lead to Pelvic inflammatory disease. The disease causes inflammation and blocking of the fallopian tubes (the tube that allows sperm to swim towards your ovaries) preventing fertilisation.

Can you be infertile after having Chlamydia?

Although chlamydia is easy to treat, it can damage your sexual organs and cause blockages to your ovaries. About 25% of infertility in women is due to untreated chlamydia. So the sooner you get treated for chlamydia the better.