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Asthma Medications: An Overview

Asthma is a very common lung condition that can affect both children and adults. Around one in every 12 adults and one in every 11 children in the UK has asthma, and many rely on asthma medication to help them control the symptoms.

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If you suffer from asthma, you will experience a narrowing of your airways, which can lead to wheezing and breathing difficulties. There are a wide variety of  things that can trigger asthma symptoms. When the symptoms become considerably worse temporarily, and can even be life threatening in severe cases, it is known as an asthma attack.

Some of the most common asthma triggers include:

  • Exercise
  • Coming into contact with things you’re allergic to, such as pollen, animal fur, dust or a foodstuff
  • Living in a mouldy or damp home
  • Coming across strong odours, such as perfume
  • Having a cold, flu or a chest infection
  • Smoking

If you suffer from asthma, managing your condition through medication to minimise asthma attacks is vital. This can help improve your general quality of life. There are a wide range of asthma inhalers and pumps that can be used by those with asthma. Finding the right combination of medication for you is important to help you gain control over your symptoms. The types of medication that work best for you will depend, at least in part, on what the main triggers for your asthma symptoms are. For example, someone with allergy-induced asthma is likely to respond best to different medications than someone with exercise-induced asthma.

Medications Used for Asthma

Generally, asthma medications can be divided into two main types; reliever treatments and preventer treatments. There are also combination inhalers that contain more than one type of medication. Many asthma sufferers take both kinds of medication to help control their symptoms.

Popular Asthma Medications - Reliever Inhalers

Designed to offer effective and quick relief to asthma symptoms as soon as they start to appear, by helping to relax your airways, reliever asthma medications usually start working within a few minutes and can be effective for several hours. They are generally meant to be taken when needed, rather than routinely every day.

Popular names for this type of asthma medication include:

  • Ventolin
  • Salbutamol
  • Salamol
  • Easi-breathe

Popular Asthma Medications - Preventer Inhalers

Designed to help prevent asthma symptoms from developing in the first place, preventer asthma medications contain a type of steroid to help reduce swelling and irritation in the airways and lungs. They are usually taken daily to help with the long-term management of asthma. A preventer inhaler should not be taken to relieve asthma symptoms that are already displaying.

Popular names for preventer asthma medications include:

  • Seretide
  • Sirdupla
  • Qvar
  • Clenil Modulite
  • Symbicort

Can you get Asthma Medication without Prescription?

It’s important that you get the right combination of medicine to treat your condition. Asthma is a condition that can also evolve over time, so some medications can become less effective and something different may need to be prescribed.

However, if your current asthma medication is working well for you, you can buy it from Instant eCare. With a quick questionnaire to fill in, you can enjoy the convenience of an online prescription.

If your asthma is usually triggered by allergies, you may be able to get treatment  for your allergies to work alongside your asthma medication. However, there are some medications that could potentially conflict with, or reduce the effectiveness of, your asthma medication, so it’s important to include a list of all medications you are taking when filling in our online questionnaire.

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What Medications Should be Avoided with Asthma?

Some asthma sufferers are sensitive to other types of medicine, which can mean that your asthma symptoms flare up if you take them, or your regular asthma treatment isn’t as effective. If you have never experienced a trigger reaction when taking these medicines in the past, you should always be aware of the potential risks or side effects when taking medication. Discuss this with your doctor if you are concerned.

Some of the most common trigger medications for asthma sufferers include:

  • Pain killers, including aspirin and ibuprofen (this can also be an ingredient in some cold or flu remedies, anti-inflammatory medications or medicines to reduce fever)
  • Beta-blockers, which are commonly prescribed for heart conditions, high blood pressure and migraines
  • ACE inhibitors, which are a type of heart medication

If you are worried about how a medicine might trigger your asthma symptoms, speak to a medical professional.

Managing your asthma symptoms effectively is essential for your quality of life; you can buy asthma medication online for a hassle-free experience at Instant eCare.

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