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Alternative Hay Fever Symptom Relief

Alternative natural hay fever remedies and treatments used to help symptoms. Includes honey and other delicious ideas!

5 Alternative Ways to Improve Hay Fever Symptoms

  1. Steam & Vicks

    • Add some Vicks Vaporub to hot water in a large bowl. Place your face over the bowl (not too close to avoid being burnt) and inhale the steam. This should help ease congestion and soothe the lining of the nose to provide additional relief from hay fever symptoms.

  2. Humidifier

    • While this is an effective way of managing the pollen levels in your home, you need to be wary of excess moisture in your home. Excess moisture can lead to dampness and mould, which can in turn lead to further allergies.

  3. Vaseline

    • Placing Vaseline on your nostrils stops you from inhaling pollen. Rather than going up and into your nose when you inhale, the pollen sticks to the Vaseline! This greatly reduces the amount of pollen you inhale, ultimately reducing your hay fever symptoms.

  4. Try eating some natural anti-inflammatories

    • One of the main reasons we end up feeling so congested during hay fever season is swelling in the nose.

    • When consumed, some foods and herbs act as anti-inflammatories. This includes:

      • Ginger

      • Rosemary

      • Onions

      • Garlic

      • Pineapple

      • Spicy peppers and chilis

  5. Locally grown honey

    • Apparently eating locally grown honey can help you become resistant to the pollen in your area. Honey contains traces of pollen, so consuming two tablespoons a day, for 2-3 months BEFORE hay fever season.