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4 Ways To Ease Car Sickness

With school holidays and better weather approaching, you may be thinking about taking a road trip somewhere for a holiday or weekend break. If you’re driving long distances, car sickness can be an issue, especially in warmer weather.

If you or someone you are travelling with is prone to travel sickness, we have four tips to help ease your symptoms.  

Minimise movement

One of the best travel sickness remedies when travelling in a car is to sit in the front seat. This helps to lessen the amount of movement you experience.

Looking straight ahead at a fixed point in the distance can help, especially if you let your head be supported by head rest of your seat. This will help to keep it still and minimise any further movement from the motion of the car. You should also avoid looking at moving objects, such as other passing cars.

Get some fresh air

If you are feeling sick when travelling in a car, fresh air can help a lot. Travel with a window open if you can, but if you are driving on a motorway or other fast road where this isn’t convenient you should try to take regular breaks so that you can get out of the car and move around.

Making sure the air vents are open and aimed at your face can also help to relieve motion sickness. Breathe slowly and deeply and make sure that neither you nor any of the people you are travelling with smoke in the car.  

Try to distract yourself

Distracting yourself from the feeling of motion sickness can help a lot. Listen to music or talk to fellow passengers to try to keep your mind off any nausea or dizziness you may be feeling.

One thing that it’s important to remember is not to try and read, watch a film or use a phone or tablet. Trying to focus on a screen or the text of a book in a moving car can make travel sickness much worse.

Take some travel sickness medicine

If all else fails, you might find it useful to take some motion sickness medicine on your trip. Depending on your symptoms, there are both travel sickness tablets and patches available. Patches are more suitable for severe travel sickness, whereas motion sickness tablets are more convenient.  

Travel sickness pills with the active ingredient promethazine are less likely to make you drowsy, but some people consider the active ingredient hyoscine more effective.